Palace Youth / Kids Club

              ''we are the RADICAL CHANGERS PRAISERS''









A multi cultural group of youth and kids coming together to portray the beauty in diversiture of culture yet working together in agreement.


We learn about the values and morals of different cultures and how to get along with people of different back grounds and language by way of learning their dance, about their food and history. we also do dance, drama and plays and for games, we play basket ball, snooker, tag of war, sumo etc.


For our spiritual growth, we undertake youth bible school courses to learn about God and how we can make a difference which will course a change and make a maximum impact in our community.


Check out on our photo gallary page for some clips of places we've been and some of the stuff we've done.



We Are


The Radical


Changers. It


Is Time, Time To


Make That Change


And We Are The


People Who Will


Do It




































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